About Us

Our team launched in Miami by offering opportunities to aspiring models from around the globe. Model Launcher Cosmetics was developed soon after, offering a professional grade Make Up line used exclusively on set for our photo shoots and video productions.  Inspired by fashion and developed for models on the go. Picture perfect and long lasting makeup for women living their life on camera. 

Our Team

  • Jonathan Herrera

    As our in-house cinematographer, Jonathan uses his creativity and talent to capture the essence of the brand and convey the story of ML Cosmetics using fun and engaging videos.

  • Ivana Juarez

    A freelance makeup artist and Marketing graduate; Ivana uses her passion for beauty to help ML Cosmetics become the brand it has the potential to be. As the Operations Manager, Ivana takes on many responsibilities that allow the company to reach it's short-term and long-term goals.

  • Andreina Labarca

    Social Media Director highly motivated with experience and a passion for designing and implementing the Company’s content strategy, creating relevant content, blogging, community participation and leadership.  

  • Ana Maria Dorta-Duque

    A passionate designer inspired by fashion, art, travel and of course makeup! At ML Cosmetics Ana is responsible for creating and developing ML's image through the artistic creation of marketing materials that bring our brand to life. Through her designs and creative direction she seeks to make ML a brand you can grow to love just as much as she does.